Voxtools FAQ

After you’ve logged in to Voxtools, poked around and kicked the tires, you may have a question or two. Hopefully, we’ve anticipated many of them here in the FAQs. If you have further questions that haven’t been answered here, click here to ask. This will help us further populate our FAQs.

Q:Is there a Voxtools App for my phone or tablet?
A:There is no need for an app.

And that’s a good thing. Voxtools is a responsive, browser-based application. When you open Voxtools in a browser on a phone or tablet, it senses the screen size and rearranges its buttons & text fields to suit that device. You never have to download an updated app. Voxtools is universally viewable.

Q:I See the Scripts Button, but I Can't Upload Scripts.
A:That's right.

In Voxtools, Scripts allows you to input all the information about a script. But we couldn’t come up with a good reason to upload the script. Besides, as soon as you upload one, a revised version comes in 2 minutes before the session, right? It would just become cumbersome.

The only reason people keep old scripts around now is because they scribbled some important information on it. Voxtools will now take all that important information and store it for you. You already have an electronic version of the script in your email. You’re probably reading from screen and editing as you go now. Save that in a folder or Dropbox if you want. Go ahead…throw that paper in the recycling bin. You just don’t need to keep it around anymore.

Q:Can I see my Voxtools calendar in iCal or Outlook?
A:Yes you can.

You can subscribe to the Voxtools calendar in your favorite calendar application. Currently, it’s read-only. You can’t modify Voxtools calendar from iCal or Outlook, you can only view it. Our programmers are working on a two-way solution for a later version of Voxtools.

Q:How secure is my data?
A:It's airtight.

Voxtools encrypts your data with bank-level encryption. Even your password is unavailable to human eyes. If you forget your password, use the “I forgot my password” link. This is an entirely computer-based process.

Q:How often is my data backed up?

Your data is mirrored on two master drives—one in Chicago and the other in Dallas. If one fails, the other picks up its duties, and the original begins to repair itself.

Q:Why do I have to fill in Market data?
A:It's the only way to know where your work is running.

Checking for market conflicts on your Active page keeps you from voicing for two or more competitive products in the same market. Maintaining exclusivity for a particular product type in a particular market is foundational to professional voice work. Union or Non-Union.

Q:How do I find out what markets my work will run in?
A:Just ask the producer.

Everyone who hires you to do voicework has access to that information. One email from the producer to the Media department is all it takes. Sometimes, it takes a couple of days to get that information, so Voxtools allows you to fill in and modify market data after you’ve sent the invoice and closed out the session.

Q:Can I Put my Logo on my Invoices?
A:Of course!

Go into your Settings menu under your name (in the upper right.) The third field down is where you can click and upload your logo. Voxtools will accept a .jpg or a .png, as long as it’s under 2 megs. Your logo will be resized proportionally to fit the logo space on the invoice.